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  1. MARY & HEROD  Dayspring Dawning:  How can an innocent teen survive in a mean world? {MORE}
  2. ELIZABETH  Bastion of Barrenness: How can two women—one too young, the other too old—change a nation? {MORE}
  3. JOSEPH I  Two Fathers, One Son:  How could a man be so gullible as to marry a woman pregnant by someone else? {MORE}
  4. JOSEPH II  Walking Tall:  He bumbled everything including getting out of the census, then ends up homeless. {MORE}
  5. SHEPHERDS  Glory of the Ordinary:  They are inferior, dirty and smelly, and could do better if they wanted to. {MORE}
  6. ANNA & SIMEON  Flaming Hope With A Flickering Candle: Who said God answers prayers? You just grow old with never an answer. {MORE}
  7. THE WISE MEN I  Celestial Secrets and Star Search: One God? Many gods? Are answers to the strange star even possible? {MORE}
  8. THE WISE MEN II  Cradle of Majesty:  What business is it of foreigners to go around changing our religion? {MORE}
  9. ZECHARIAH  Silent Thunderbolt:  How can you get rid of religious fanatics? {MORE}
  10. ARCHELAUS & the BOY  Lost in Wonder:  How did things get so out of control and violent since Herod’s death? {MORE}
  11. REVOLUTIONARIES   Weapons of Dust:  Stand up for yourself; no one else will. {MORE}
  12. JOHN THE HERMIT PRIEST  I  Hesitant Herald:  Some people are born shy.  Just leave them be. {MORE}
  13. SATAN  The Great Pretender:  Just because I do what I want, doesn’t mean it’s sin. {MORE}
  14. ANDREW & PHILIP  Odyssey of Truth: Why should I pay attention to a couple of nerds? {MORE}
  15. NATHANIEL  God Eyes:  Some people are so good, they’re good for nothing. {MORE}
  16. MERCHANTS, BANKERS & WIDOW  Treasure of Doom:  I work hard for my money, and can’t help it if the poor are poor. {MORE}
  17. NICODEMUS  Firelight:  Keep your unpopular ideas to yourself. You could lose your job. {MORE}
  18. SAMARITAN WOMAN  The Untouchable: If someone has had five husbands, she must be bad. {MORE}
  19. CHUZA    Rose-Colored World To stay in power, never show weakness. {MORE}
  20. PETER’S MOTHER-IN-LAW  Hand of God:  If God is so good, why does he make people sick? {MORE}
  21. ZEBEDEE  Empty Net Syndrome:  Religion just ruins everything. {MORE}
  22. SIMON  Cloud Burst:  Once a terrorist, always a terrorist.  {MORE}
  23. LEPER MOSHE  Haze of Hopelessness:  You can’t make someone’s bones and skin grow back. {MORE}
  24. PARALYTIC  BARNABAS  Shackled:  If he hadn’t been going too fast, he wouldn’t have ended up paralyzed. {MORE}
  25. MATTHEW  LEVI  The Traitor:  Everyone knows what kind of man he is. {MORE}
  26. JUDAS  I  Whirlwind:  What religion needs to get respect is a good treasurer & investments. {MORE}
  27. ABIHU THE LAME  Imaginings: Rumors that somehow are declared fact. {MORE}
  28. PHARISEES  Holier Than Thou:  Creeds are necessary because people have to be controlled. {MORE}
  29. TWELVE AIDES I   Unlikely Crew:  Choosing strong-willed men that don’t get along will never work. {MORE}
  30. CENTURION’S SERVANT BOY – True Power – There is always someone stronger than you. {MORE}
  31. JONATHAN, THE WIDOW’S SON  Interrupted Funeral:  Why do the young have to die? {MORE} 
  32. PHARISEE SIMON  Pound of Flesh:  Sin.  How idiotic. Only losers use that word. Stand up for yourself. No one else will. {MORE}
  33. FIVE WEALTHY WOMEN I  The Benefactresses:  Jesus is no conqueror.  No army. No temple. No palace. No crown. {MORE}
  34. SCRIBES & LAWYERS  Cosmic Chaos:  It takes brains to get ahead. {MORE} 
  35. DEMON DISEASED  War of the Worlds:  If Satan causes someone’s illness or handicap, you can’t stop him. {MORE} 
  36. STORMY WEATHER  Catch the Wind and Water:  Only God can control the weather. {MORE}
  37. JOHN THE HERMIT PRIEST II  Gates of Glory You wouldn’t catch me dying for a cause when I have my whole life ahead of me. {MORE}
  38. THREE WITH DEMONS – Angels of Hell: Satan attacks the strong ones. {MORE}
  39. THE GIRL & THE LADY  Desperation Point:  Jesus didn’t really bring anyone back to life. {MORE}
  40. NAZARETH NEIGHBORS  Golden Boy Conspiracy:  If I’d known Jesus growing up, never would I have believed he was the Son of God. {MORE}
  41. 5000 FAMILIES FED   Bread of Kingdom Life:  You wouldn’t catch me dying for some cause when I have my whole life ahead of me. {MORE}
  42. SYRIAN-PHOENICIAN GIRL  A New Age Dawning:   Do not pester God or anyone else. It will only make him mad. {MORE}
  43. DEAF, MUTE, BLIND  Out of the Mist Mightily:  God punishes deaf, mute & blind people for past sins. {MORE}
  44. MOSES AND ELIJAH  Eye of the Storm:  Jesus was just a prophet like Moses and Elijah. {MORE}
  45. JAMES AND JOHN  Thunder Road:  You have to speak up for yourself; no one else will.  {MORE}
  46. RECRUITS – Rough & Ready: I’ll help out as soon as I finish my own work. {MORE}
  47. THE SEVENTY-TWO  Shallow Road:  I have better things to do than go around telling others about heaven & hell. {MORE}
  48. SUPREME COUNCIL & AN ADULTERESS  The Unmasking:  It’s her own fault. She shouldn’t be tempting the priests.  {MORE}
  49. BORN BLIND  Mission  Impossible:  Sure, I’m bitter.  Jesus could have prevented my handicap if he’d wanted to. {MORE}
  50. PARENTS OF THE SIGHTLESS  Flying Blind:  Truth is relative. I’m going to blend with what my friends believe. {MORE}
  51. MARTHA  Chasing Rainbows:  If I’m not perfect, Jesus will not love me. {MORE}
  52. LAZARUS  Portals of Paradise:  When we die, is there anything after that? {MORE}
  53. CHIEF PRIESTS  True Colors:  I quit believing in God when he didn’t protect my job. {MORE}
  54. ZACCHEUS  Outcast Meets Outcast:  Only outcasts and eccentrics follow Jesus because he’s just like them. {MORE}
  55. MARY OF BETHANY  Spirit King:  Sometimes when something important doesn’t happen, you have to do it yourself. {MORE}
  56. CITIZENS OF KINGDOM EARTH  Day Extraordinaire:  Jesus would make the perfect king. We could stop farming for food, fire our doctors, and he could zap the Romans out of existence. {MORE}
  57. GRECIANS  Shores of a Broader World:  You can be in our religion, but you don’t understand us, so keep your mouth shut. {MORE}
  58. SACRIFICIAL LAMB JESUS  God Essence:  Keeping the Lord’s Supper once a year is enough. Don’t want to overdo it. {MORE}
  59. JUDAS – II  Fallen Star:  Jesus tried to take over the world wrong.  No world headquarters, no army, no palace. {MORE}
  60. THE ANGEL & THE DEVIL  Citadel of Shadows:  What’ the big deal. Thousands have been crucified. {MORE}
  61. DESERTERS  Power in the Breaking:  Those apostles were real cowards to run away like that.  {MORE}
  62. ANNUS & CAIAPHAS  High and Unmighty:  The priests can keep their jobs. After trying to kill God for two years, they have him. {MORE}
  63. HEROD ANTIPAS  Shadow Boxing:  If I can’t be kind, no one else can either. {MORE}
  64. PILATE  Soaring to Nothingness:  Don’t try to control terrorists. They’ll blackmail you into compliance. {MORE}
  65. SIMON THE LIBYAN  The Shallow Road:  Mind your own business, you fanatics. Don’t go dragging us into your fight. {MORE}
  66. CRUCIFIXION I  The Substitute:  How long will it take this crushed man to die? {MORE}
  67. CRUCIFIXION II  Victorious Dying:  His soul dead when forsaken by God, can he resurrect it? {MORE}
  68. TWO THIEVES  ON CROSSES  Stranger in Paradise:  On your deathbed, it’s too late for you. {MORE}
  69. JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA  Sleeping Giant:  Keep your beliefs to yourself or you will lose your job. {MORE}
  70. GRAVEYARD SENTRIES  Dawn Eyes:  When you mess up on your job, blame someone else. {MORE}
  71. SALOME  Forever Friend: Families turn their back on you when things get rough. {MORE}
  72. FIVE WEALTHY WOMEN II  Breath of God:  How do you know Jesus was really God walking on earth? {MORE}
  73. PETER  Torch Flight:  Some people sin so bad, Jesus will turn his back on them forever. {MORE}
  74. BIG LITTLE JAMES & ALPHAEUS  Desert of Sighs:  When confused, go for a walk and forget the whole thing {MORE}
  75. TEN APOSTLES  Whispering Hope:  1st day. No one can come back to lie, so forget Jesus. {MORE}
  76. THOMAS  Flag Ship Forever:  2nd Sunday. Was Thomas the only one to not believe Jesus could come back to life? {MORE}
  77. SEVEN APOSTLES  Grasping Glory:  3rd Sunday. Hurry back to Galilee.  Will he really come back there? {MORE}
  78. ELEVEN APOSTLES I  Magnificent Soaring:  4th Sunday. Time for assignments. {MORE}
  79. 500 WITNESSES  Power Surge:  5th Sunday. How could he visit one by one with that many people? {MORE}
  80. BROTHER JAMES  Thunderstruck:  If I was told the brother I grew up was the Son of God, I wouldn’t believe it either. {MORE}
  81. ELEVEN APOSTLES II  Son Rise:  6th Sunday. How do you say goodbye to the Son of God? {MORE}
  82. RULING SADDUCEES  Prayers and Palaces:  The Sadducee Sanhedrin leaders beat the apostles. The movement is dead. {MORE}
  83. LEBBEUS THADDEUS  Quest To the Great Beyond:  After 19 years in Jerusalem, it’s time to obey and go into all the world. {MORE}
  84. SINNERS & SAINTS  Come To Me:  What will heaven and hell be like? {MORE}



(as the region between Phoenecia [Lebanon] and Egypt)

1150 BC – In five inscriptions in Egypt.

 800 BC – Assyrians in the Nimrud Slab.

 700 BC – Assyrians in the Esarhaddon Treaty

 500 BC – Greek Herodotus in his The Histories

322 BC – Aristotle

269 BC – Polemon


  20 BC – Ovid

  15 BC – Tibullus

  43 AD – Pomponius Mela

  53 AD – Pliny the Elder

  70 AD – Dio Chrysostom

  80 AD – Statius

  90 AD – PlutArch


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