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  • Matthew 5:17-20 – “Do not think I came to destroy the law or the prophets. I did not come to destroy them. I have come to give them their full meaning. 18I am telling you the truth: While heaven and earth are standing, not even the smallest letter—or part of a letter—can be changed in the law until everything is completed. 19Anyone who disobeys even one of the smallest commands and teaches this way to others will not be important in the kingdom of heaven. But, anyone who obeys and teaches the right way will be important in the kingdom of heaven. 20I tell you, if your ‘righteousness’ is no better than that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”
  • Matthew 6:5, 7 – “And when you pray, don’t be like the two-faced people. They love to stand praying in the synagogues and on the street corners, so that other people will see them. I am telling you the truth: They have received their reward…7“When you pray, don’t use words without thinking, as people in the world do. They think that by saying many words God will listen to them. 
  • Matthew 7:21-23 – “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the kingdom of heaven. Only the person who does what my heavenly Father wants will enter it. 22On that Day, many people will say this to me: ‘Lord! Lord! Isn’t it true that we have prophesied using your name!? By your name, we threw out demons. And, by your name, we performed many miracles.’ 23But then I will say this openly to them: ‘You people who are doing wrong, go away from me, because I never knew you!’ ”
  • Matthew 23:2-9 – He said, “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat of authority. 3Therefore, do everything they tell you. Do what they say, but don’t do as they do, because they say one thing and do another. 4They bind heavy loads and put them on people’s shoulders, but they don’t want to lift a finger to help move them. 5Everything they do, they do so that people will notice them. They show off their phylacteriesa and they make their tasselsb long. 6They like to have the best seats at the dinners and the most important seats in the synagogues.c 7They like the greetings of respect which people give them in the marketplaces. They like for people to call them, ‘Rabbi.’d 8You should not be called ‘Rabbi,’ because there is only one teacher for you. You are all brothers. 9On earth, you should not be called ‘Father,’ because you have only one Father—the heavenly Father. 
  • Luke 7:3636One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to eat with him. Jesus went into the Pharisee’s house and sat down at the table. 
  • The fact that the prostitute was allowed into Simon’s house, and then knew exactly where they were eating indicates that she knew Simon’s house well.
  • Matthew 5:3-12 – “The people who are broken in spirit are happy,because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. 4The people who are sad now will be happy, because they will be comforted. 5Humble people are happy, because the earth will be given to them. 6People who are hungry and thirsty for what is right are happy, because they will be filled. 7People who give mercy to others are happy because they will receive mercy. 8People who have pure hearts are happy,because they will see Go9People who make peace are happy, because they will be called the sons of God. 10The people who have been persecuted because they were doing right are happy, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.11“You will be happy when people insult you, persecute you, and tell all kinds of lies against you because of me. 12You should rejoice and be very glad, because you will have great rewards in heaven. This was the way your ancestors persecuted the prophets before you.”
  • Luke 7:36-50 – One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to eat with him. Jesus went into the Pharisee’s house and sat down at the table. 37At that time, there was a sinful woman in town. She knew that Jesus was having dinner at the Pharisee’s house. So, the woman brought some expensive perfume. 38At Jesus’ feet, she stood there crying. Then she began to wash his feet with her tears and to dry them with her hair. She kissed his feet again and again and rubbed them with the perfume. 39The Pharisee who had invited Jesus saw this. He thought to himself, “If Jesus really were a prophet, then he would know that the woman who is touching him is a sinner!” 40Then Jesus said to the Pharisee, “Simon, I have something to say to you.” Simon said, “Say it, teacher.” 41Jesus said, “There were two men. Both men owed money to the same moneylender. One man owed him 500 silver coins. The other man owed him 50 silver coins. 42The men didn’t have any money to repay the moneylender. So, the moneylender told the men that they didn’t have to pay him. Which one of them will appreciate the moneylender more?” 43Simon answered, “I think it would be the one who owed him the most money.” Jesus said to him, “You are correct.” 44Then Jesus turned to the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? When I came into your house, you provided me with no water for my feet,b but she washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. 45You didn’t give me the kiss of friendship, but she has not stopped kissing my feet since I came in! 46You did not rub my head with oil, but she rubbed my feet with perfume! 47Because of her great love, I tell you, her many sins are forgiven. The person who feels only a little need to be forgiven will feel only a little love when he is forgiven.” 48Then Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven!” 49The guests sitting at the table began to think to themselves, “Who does Jesus think he is!? How can he forgive sins!?” 50Jesus said to the woman, “Because you believed, you are forgiven. Go in peace.”
  • A denari was worth about 50c.
  • Judges 5:10 – “You persons who ride on white donkeysdand who sit on expensive saddle blankets, listen! And you people who walk along the road, sing!
  • Judges 10:3-4 – After Tola died, Jair became the leader of Israel for 22 years. He lived in the region of Gilead. 4Jair had 30 sons who rode on 30 donkeys. These 30 sons controlled 30 towns in Gilead. (These towns are called Havvoth-Jair to this day.)a 
  • I Kings 1:33-34 – Then the king said to them, “Take my officers with you and put my son Solomon on my own mule.s Take Solomon down to the Gihon Spring.t  34Let Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet pour olive oil on Solomon there and make him king over Israel. Then blow the trumpet and shout: ‘May King Solomon live long!’ 


  • ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS, BK. 8, 10:6 – …what punishment that thought this man deserved….So, the Pharisees made answer that he deserved stripes and bonds….Pharisees have delivered to the people a great many observances…which are not written in the laws of Moses.
  • CODE OF JEWISH LAW, vol. 2, pg. 6-7 – It is, therefore, our duty to learn the various benedictions and say the one that is appropriate to the kind of food….The pause between the saying of the benediction and the consumption of the food should not be longer than it takes to say Shalom aleha, Rabbi Umori.  Even when masticating the first mouthful of food, we must not pause until we have swallowed it.  If after uttering the benediction, we make an interruption before eating by speaking of something which does not concern the meal, we must repeat the benediction.



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