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  • Matthew 13:54, 56 54He came to his hometown. He was teaching them in their synagogue. They were greatly amazed at him. They asked, “Where did Jesus get this wisdom and these miraculous powers!?…56All his sisters are here with us, too. So, where did he get all these things!?” 
  • Mark 6:1 – Jesus left there and came to his hometown. His followers went along behind him. 
  • Luke 3:21 – Before John was put in prison, all the people were immersed by him. Then Jesus came and was immersed, too. While Jesus was praying, the sky opened up. 
  • Luke 4:1-2, 13-14 – Jesus returned from the Jordan River. He was full of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit was leading Jesus into the desert. 2The Devil tempted Jesus for 40 days. Jesus didn’t eat anything during that time. When those days were over, Jesus was very hungry…13The Devil finished tempting Jesus in every way, and he left him to wait until another time. 14Jesus went back to Galilee with the power of the Holy Spirit. Stories about Jesus went all over the area around Galilee. 15He began to teach in their synagogues. All of the people were praising him.
  • Italian archaeologist, P. B. Bagatti, found an ancient first-century burial cave (catacomb) in Nazareth’s Old City.  On the walls inside the cave was the mark of the cross.  “The signs are remarkably similar to symbols found inside first-century Christian catacombs in Jerusalem, which are known to have belonged to the early Christian community of that city.”  Later he discovered several Hebrew dedications which clearly indicate that the catacomb did belong to some of the first Christians in Nazareth.
  • John 1:1-2, 14 – In the beginning was the Word,a and the Word was with God, and the Word was deity…14The Word became human and lived among us for a while. We saw his glory, the kind of glory like that of the Father’s one and onlyc Son—full of gracious love and truth. 
  • Matthew 13:55 – Isn’t it true that he is the son of Joseph, the woodworker, and that his mother’s name is Mary!? His brothers are James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. 
  • According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, complete fermentation was not possible until the invention of glass.  However, there was some fermentation then.  New wine was more like grape juice. (See notes on the episode when Jesus turned water to wine.)
  • Luke 4:16-19 – 16Jesus came to Nazareth, the town where he grew up. On the sabbath day, he went into the synagogue. That is what Jesus always did. He stood up to read. 17The Book of Isaiah the prophet was given to him. Jesus opened the scroll, and he found the place where this was written: 18“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me. Therefore, He chose me to preach the Good News to poor people.He sent me to proclaim freedom to captives, and to help blind people see again. He sent me to lift up broken-hearted people 19and to announce the welcome year of the Lord God.” (Isaiah 61:1-2)
  • Luke 4:20-22 – Jesus rolled up the scroll and gave it back to the keeper. Then Jesus sat down. Every person in the synagogue was watching Jesus very closely. 21Jesus began to speak to them. He said, “While you heard me reading the words of this Scripture just now, the words were coming true!” 22All of the people were saying good things about Jesus. They continued to be amazed at the beautiful words which were coming from his mouth. The people asked, “Isn’t Jesus the son of Joseph!?”
  • JESUS HAD MOVED WITH HIS PARENTS AND BROTHERS TO CAPERNAUM. JOHN 2:12; LUKE 4:13 [NIV] – After this he went down to Capernaum along with his mother, brothers, and disciples, and stayed several days….Leaving Nazareth, he went and lived in Capernaum.  [NOTE:  Matthew 13:55-56 indicates Joseph was still alive – present tense – and would have been with Mary; it also indicates Jesus’ sisters stayed behind “with us” the people in Nazareth.
  • John 2:12 – After this, Jesus, his mother, his brothers, and his followers went down into the town of Capernaum. They stayed there for a few days.
  • Luke 4:13 – The Devil finished tempting Jesus in every way, and he left him to wait until another time.
  • The word “power” is from the Greek “dunamis” also translated “miracle” and “mighty work.”
  • Matthew 13:58 – So, because they did not believe, Jesus did not perform many miracles there.
  • Luke 4:23-30 – Jesus said to them, “Surely you will tell me this old saying: ‘Doctor, heal yourself.’ You would like to say, ‘We have heard about some of the things you did in Capernaum. Do those things here in your own hometown, too!’ ” 24Then Jesus said, “I am telling you the truth: A prophet is not accepted in his own hometown. 25I am telling you the truth: During Elijah’s time,c it did not rain in Israel for over 3½ years. There was very little food anywhere in the whole country. There were many widows in Israel during that time, 26but Elijah was sent to none of those widows. He was sent only to a widow in Zarephath, a town in the land of Sidon. 27And, there were many people with leprosyd living in Israel during the time of the prophet Elisha.e However, not one of those people was healed; the only one was Naaman. And, Naaman was from the country of Syria, not from Israel.” 28All the people in the synagogue heard these things. The people became very, very angry. 29Their town was built on top of a hill. They got up and forced Jesus out of town, bringing Jesus to the edge of the cliff. They wanted to throw him over, 30but Jesus walked through the middle of them and went his way. 
  • Isaiah 61:1-2 [PREDICTED 700 YEARS BEFORE JESUS] – The Lord Yahweh has put His Spirit in me.This is because Yahweh has anointedb meto proclaim the good newsd to the poor people.He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are broken. He has sent me to tell the captives that they are free.He has sent me to tell the prisoners that they are released.2He has sent me to announce the timeh when Yahweh will show His kindnessand the time when our God will punish evil people. He has sent me to comfort all those who are sad.
  • Isaiah 9:6 – Why? Because a special Childq will be born to us. God will give usr a Son.He will be responsible for leading the people.He will be called:u“Wonderful”;“Counselor;”“Powerful God”;x“Father of Eternity”;y“Prince of Peace”.z [SELF-EXISTENT]
  • Micah 5:2 -[PREDICTED 735 YEARS BEFORE JESUS] – But you, O Bethlehem-Ephrathah,though you are the least important among the leading towns of Judah,fa Leader will come out of you, O Bethlehem!He will become the Ruler over Israel for Me.His comings forth have been from of old—from the days of eternity.
  • Jeremiah 31:15 [PREDICTED 570 YEARS BEFORE JESUS] – This is what Yahweh says:“A sound is heard in the town of Ramah.There is crying and loud  screaming. Rachelt is weeping for her children. And, she will not let anyone comfort her,because her children are dead!”v
  • Hosea 11:1 [PREDICTED 750 YEARS BEFORE JESUS] – “When Israel was a child, I loved him. And, I called My son out of Egypt.a



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