He is a lumberjack & carpenter with superpowers.

He reads minds and is always rushing to the next person who needs him

while his 12 aides try to keep up with him and his

enemies try to kill him.

He is the God-Man

and always tells the truth.




…is of Palestine’s northern province of Galilee. He and his brother, Andrew, are fishermen and partners of brothers James and John. They all live in the same town of Bethsaida. He talks all the time and is eccentric. No one knows what he will come up with next. He will eventually spread the good news of the God-Man all over today’s Turkey and Britain. In Rome he will be imprisoned in an underground hole, tortured for nine months to get him to say the whole Jesus thing is a sham.  He will remain stubborn.  They will crucify him as a political enemy of the Empire.



…is Peter’s brother. They are both fishermen in the Sea of Galilee near the two palaces of Herod the Great’s son, Herod Antipas.  He has long ago given upon controlling his big brother. His best friend is Philip. They are both a little nerdy.  Sometimes he takes travelers home with him if they need a place to spend the night.  Someday he will travel to spread the good news of the God-Man in today’s Russia around the Black Sea and NW Turkey.  Last he will go to Macedonia, Greece, where he will be tortured. He will refuse to deny his claim that Jesus is king of the world, so will be crucified,  



…is another fisherman, son of Salome.  He is ambitious at the instigation of his mother, with high aspirations to hold public office.  He has no tolerance for unbelievers. He sometimes says Jesus should call fire down from heaven on a village of unbelievers and Jesus has to calm him down.  Not long after Jesus’ return to heaven, James will go too far in taunting the office holders in Jerusalem and be killed with a sword while still fairly young.



…and his brother are first cousins of Jesus. John is Jesus’ closest friend. In fact, when Jesus eventually is crucified, he will ask John to take Mary into his home so she can be with her sister, Salome, in their old age.  PETER, JAMES & JOHN ARE JESUS’ INNER CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. John will eventually write one book of the Bible on the Life of Jesus the Christ, two on the Christian life, and a final one after his vision of heaven. Whereas James will be the first apostle to die, John will be the last, dying around age 95 on Patmos Isle in the Aegean Sea.



…also lives in Bethsaida. Actually, he lives on a horse ranch. Though Jews still consider horses work animals, Philip’s family (in the story, not fact) are horse breeders for the Roman legions. Being Egyptian, they have the finest Egyptian and Arabian horses in all Palestine.  He has chestnut hair inherited from his mother, a Berber of Carthage, North Africa.  Someday he will spread the news of the God-Man in today’s Russia around the Black Sea, return to his mother’s homeland of Carthage, and finally to today’s Turkey. There he will convert the Roman proconsul’s wife, then be speared through his thighs and hung upside down to die.



…is good-hearted and as honest as they came. Jesus said so the moment they met.  He inherited his father’s tapestry skills and moves from Cana in Galilee south to Jerusalem in the Province of Judea. He enjoys wearing colorful coats made of tapestry. Someday he will spread the good news of the God-Man in many places around the world ~ India, Armenia near Mount Ararat, Ethiopia, and Arabia. Some say will eventually rejoin his old friend, Philip, in today’s Turkey. After Philip’s terrible death, Nathaniel will go to today’s Albania to convince them Jesus was the God-Man. The local pagan priests will have him beaten with clubs, flayed alive, then beheaded.



…is a former seaman (according to the story) and has spent much time at sea around India.  He has a twin sister.  He apparently started following Jesus around as did thousands of others as soon as Jesus began telling people who he was and healing them.  Later, when Jesus’ aides want to keep Jesus away from the suburbs of Jerusalem so he won’t be killed, Thomas will say, “Let us go with him so we may die with him.”  He will eventually spread the good news of the God-Man in today’s Iraq,  today’s Afghanistan, and China. On the eastern seacoast of India in today’s Chennai, he will declare who the Son of God is to his last breath while being stoned and speared through.



…is a tax collector and therefore very rich.  He comes from a family of tall Ethiopians.  The family claims to descend from one of the long-ago Pharaohs.  However, Matthew was born in Palestine to faithful Jewish parents who were themselves born there.  His parents are Mary and Alphaeus.  Someday he will spread the good news of the God-Man in Greece, Syria, and today’s Iran. Eventually, he will return to the family homeland of Ethiopia.  Some say he will be burned at the stake rather than renounce Jesus as having been the Words of God in flesh.

James the Less


…is Matthew’s brother, though you would never know it other than by their size. Though younger, big Little James is taller than his brother and their father. That’s where the resemblance ends.  Whereas Matthew loves money and his big fancy mansion on a hill, big Little James has renounced money and lives as a desert Nazarene. However, when he misses his family, he does go home and tolerates the family wealth. Later, he will spread the good news of the God-Man in Syria, then return to Jerusalem where he will be stoned to death because he declared Jesus came back to life after they killed  Jesus.



…is from Syria north of Palestine. People call him Thaddeus or Lebbeus, his Syrian names, but later call him Jude or Judas. He is quiet. Seldom talks. Thinks a lot. But, when he makes a decision, there is no changing his mind. Kind of skinny, but solid as a rock.  Someday he will be the first of the aides to leave Jerusalem.  With or without them, he will leave. He will spread the good news of the God-Man in Syria, his home country, Armenia between today’s Turkey and Russia, and northern Iran. He will die there, but it will be in secret and quiet, the same way he lived.

Simon the Zealot


…is from the Mediterranean coast in Lebanon.  He is the youngest of the twelve but lived some hard years before joining them. He leaves home against his parents’ wishes and joins Commandant Judas’ terrorist revolutionaries to destroy Rome and gets the tattoo of the revolutionaries.  Sometimes he sneaks off to hear Jesus who claims he will win the whole world ~ not just Rome ~ with the power of words. Simon turns traitor and joins up with Jesus.  Later, he will spread the good news of the God-Man all over North Africa, then finally go to Britain.  He knows how those barbarians think. There he will eventually be crucified rather than deny Jesus is the Door into heaven.



Now this man is the only sane choice Jesus makes for an aide. Judas descends from one of the most admired leaders of the Jews over a thousand years ago.  He knows how to lead. He is also a money man, not like Matthew who has to grovel at the feet of the Romans and collects their taxes. Judas is a banker and land investor. He considers himself the best-dressed man in all of Palestine. He knows both power and money.  The other apostles trust him and make him their treasurer.  Frustrated at Jesus not taking advantage of the times the people declare him king, Judas will force Jesus’ hand. If he is arrested, he will use his superpowers to break the chains, zap his enemies away, and take over both the palace and temple.  It will backfire and destroy Judas.