What Generation Z Wants

70% of teenagers Generation iY and Z are depressed.  (Source:  Pew Research) Teens said depression is a greater problem than bullying, drugs or drinking.  Much of their depression is about existing in a fearful world they have lived in all their lives  ~  War on Terrorism, going after school to an empty house, fear of immigrants, school shootings, etc. 

Their Millennial Parents & Grandparents

…Who, as teens themselves, marched and rioted and had sit-ins…

20% of men ages 45 to 64 commit suicide and suicide is rising among mid-life women, too. (Source:  American Foundation of Suicide Prevention).

10% of all Americans had serious impulse anger control issues and that was in 2015.(Source:  Harvard, Columbia and Duke Universities) “It is impulsive, out of control, destructive, harmful.”

55% of Americans are angry as of 2018. In fact, Americans are more likely to be stressed and worried than much of the world. (Source: George Gallop)

The millennials (“Me Generation”) born around 1980-1995 are now the professors and newscasters, reporters, big movie makers, and young politicians ~ opinion leaders of America.  Psychologist Jean Twenge described millennials as “Generation Me” in her book Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled – and More Miserable Than Ever Before

Generation Z is Rebelling Against Selfishness & Anger

1. They are civic-minded, but not in a group. They believe in going out and just helping society in some way on your own (such as picking up trash in a park or donating an organ). (Source: Generation iY by Tim Elmore).

2. They are frugal, planning to go to college for only four years, then getting out and getting to work. They are already saving their money for it. They want homes in the suburbs which are cheaper and roomier.

3. They actively support social causes such as gun control, black lives matter, fight against cancer, gender equality, hunger, integration of nationalities.

4. They love pop culture to counteract the greed and lust of their millennial parents and grandparents, whether promoted as humorous or eccentric.

5. Their attention span is short and fast So get their attention immediately. Titles that attract them are:

  • The best of…
  • Why people do…
  • Scientifically proven…
  • Lists such as 10 things to do…
  • Open-ended questions…Would you…
  • Promises such as they’ll love…

(Source:  The five points above are from surveys by Fuse, a marketing agency specializing in teens, January, February, & April 2019)


1. Civic-minded – he helps people

2. Frugal – he walks everywhere rather than ride a chariot

3. An active supporter of social causes by having 12 aides of all nationalities

4. Excentric and faces problems in a unique way

5. The most powerful but promises to love everyone