We are seeking $4,000,000 for the production of the pilot, THE GOD-KING.

Investors are invited to invest in contributions of $____________ or greater in exchange for Class B non-voting units.

As the film makes money, investors are to be paid back first.  All money made on the film and paid to the producer will be distributed back to the investors first until the total amount in investments has been paid back 100% less reasonable expenses.

After that, investors are entitled to 30% of all proceeds in perpetuity or until the liquidation.  Legal documents pertaining to the investment are available for review.

Investors over a certain amount are also offered a producer’s credit on the film. The credit will read PRODUCED BY _____________________.  The producer’s credit does not allow for any creative control of the film which, of course, remains with the writer/director, although feedback and ideas are always accepted and Producer will be welcome on set at specified times and in some meetings as director’s discretion.

Final details have not yet been worked out with our attorney and financial advisor and the SEC.  Once they are, we will contact you. Just use the form below.