Eastern Europe:

I know Eastern Europe is begging for anything biblical. The president of the Ukraine has asked Eastern European Missions to give a Bible to every student and teacher in the country.  The same thing is happening in Bulgaria and nearby former Soviet Union countries. WHY?  To lower the out-of- control crime rate.  Has it worked?  EEM has said yes, yes, yes, but I am still getting the statistics.

Some distributor friends on Stage 32 (a media networking site) who have lived or are still living in Eastern Europe are telling me the church buildings are filling and bursting at their seams.

Southern Europe:

Italy and Germany are inundated with Muslim refugees fleeing persecution. They want to know more about Jesus from the Christian point of view, not the distorted Muslim point of view.  I am getting statistics on that.


More and more people are turning from fatalistic Hinduism which teaches they have to keep living their hard life over and over until they become perfect (which they know they never will). They are depressed over reincarnation. More and more are turning to Christianity.  I am getting statistics on that for you too.

United States Networks:

This will be a harder sell. But there is strong hope for the network who sees and wants to be part of the uptick of faith-based movies.  SEE “WHY” for investors.

? Netflix has primarily series centered around depression and reality.  I am researching that.

? Pureflix has primarily movies about people with problems but everyone is dressed middle-income and smiles a lot.