~There will be times in your life when you are not near a congregation with whom you can worship. Keep on hand a Bible, a hymnal, and supplies for the Lord’s Supper (dried grapes/raisins and flatbread/crackers). If you have to worship alone on those occasions, how will you hold your own worship service to make your Sunday worship special?

~If you are separated from congregations of the Lord’s church for a long period of time, how do you plan for your congregation of one to have the courage to survive for months or years?

~Some people think God should feel obligated to take them into his home ~ heaven. But heaven is God’s home, not ours. In your home, you are not obligated to just open your door to anyone who wants in; and God is not obligated to open the door to just anyone who wants to come into his home either. Remember, it only takes one sin to be imperfect, to be a sinner….

….Living in a Christian nation does not automatically make us a Christian than living in a maritime nation automatically make us a sailor. Owning a Bible does automatically make us a Christian any more than owning a naval handbook automatically makes us a sailor. Dressing like a sailor does not automatically make us a Christian any more than dressing up on Sunday mornings automatically makes us a Christian. Showing up on board a ship does not automatically make us a sailor, any more than showing up at a church building automatically makes us a Christian. It is not automatic.

Choose one of these concepts—heaven being God’s home, everyone being a sinner and not automatic Christians—to share over coffee or cold drink with a lost loved one or friend. How many will you do this with over the next week? The next month? Who is on your list? Will you pray for them by name every day?