~The apostles all formerly followed the Jewish religion. After Jesus introduced Christianity, they went to former friends and taught them the “Good News” (“Gospel”). Some reported the apostles for not teaching what everyone used to believe. They endured accusations, beatings, and imprisonments. Their courage in these situations is an example to us today. How do you plan to go to your former friends who rejected you because you became a practicing Christian? What will you say or do to them to pique their interest?

~Throughout history, the church has grown most during persecution and other survival hardships. Why do you think that is?

~Jesus told his apostles to go into all the world and preach, but they didn’t do it for a long time, preferring to stay in Jerusalem. Perhaps they wanted to finish raising their families so they wouldn’t have to endure hardships of travel and persecution. Perhaps they were building their spiritual strength so that, when they did leave, they would be strong enough to face alone terrible tortures. Think about your Christian life. What long-term plan do you have for ten or twenty years from now to teach the gospel to people who do not know it? How will you spend the next ten years or so getting ready for your quest?