~Do you sometimes think it would have been better for Jesus to stay here in a human body so he could go all over the world himself and convince people who he was? After all, seeing is believing. But if Jesus was still confined to a human body, would he be able to be everywhere at once as he is now? Ultimately, would you rather have Jesus nearby only occasionally or nearby always?

~Do you feel Jesus was egotistical in saying he is the only way to eternal life when there are other equally good religions in the world promising the same thing? First, is it egotistical to claim penicillin is the only cure for something when it is indeed the only cure? 

~Many people believe heaven would be boring. There will be many exciting things to do there, for God believes in work, not laziness. Will it be hard work? No, whatever it is, it will be creative and fulfilling. Jesus told a story about the kingdom of God. Various servants were given so many talents to use. When the “king” of that kingdom came back and saw what each had accomplished with their talents, he gave them cities to rule over. This hints that we are on trial here so that, perhaps in the next world, Jesus will give us some kind of realms to rule over with him. There Are over two trillion galaxies out there. Does this sound exciting to you? Does it sound worth trying for? Will you?