~Were you made to go to church when a child, then when you became a teenager, decided you wanted no part of it? Was it because you needed to question your parents’ beliefs? Have you done it?

~Some say that, despite the proofs, Jesus coming back to life and offering us eternal life in a better world is too hard to believe. But what if it is true? Would your life be any worse for following Jesus, even if it were not true?

~You may think that it would have been easier to believe in Jesus had you actually seen his miracles, his crucifixion, then his presence afterward. But only a limited number of people in that country saw it. We have it better, for we have the writings of his apostles with the proofs in black and white by eyewitnesses that we can study. There are more extant manuscripts of Bible writings than any other ancient writings in the world, including the existence of the Caesars.