~Think back on beliefs you have had about health, history, science, geography, etc.—something fairly important to you. Did you ever have a wrong belief? Recall how you felt when you discovered the latest and truest information about it. Did it excite you? Why?

~What religion do you believe in right now? Whatever your belief, will you locate the official writings of your belief? You can obtain the name of the headquarters of your religion by calling the reference desk of your library or find their headquarters on the internet. Will you then write them for a copy so you can investigate for yourself what their official beliefs are?

~Once you obtain these official writings and read them, you could also compare them with the writings of the Bible by using a concordance. A concordance is a large book like an unabridged dictionary, containing every word in the Bible in alphabetic order. It is an unabridged index to the Bible. Some libraries have concordances. You can also find them on the internet. Is eternity important enough to find out the facts for yourself? No one can do it for you. Will you?