~Some people’s commitment to things goes up and down like a yoyo. Others are stubborn. They are hard to convince, but once they are won over, they refuse to let go. Through tragedy, Peter finally let go and denied Jesus. Have you let go of a good cause after a long struggle? How did it make you feel? Does it help to know that all great people go through this?

~We can wallow in our failure, or we can back off completely for as long as it takes to let go of it. Though the tragedy will always be in our hearts and mind, we can choose to go on with our lives or live in the past. Have you ever gone through a problem you could never get over? What would help you let go of that particular event completely?

~Sometimes it takes weeks or even years to let go of an event. Once we have succeeded, we can return to the old cause again but from a completely different angle. In the cause you let go of once, how can you return with a different point of view?