~We are more likely to worry at night when the world around us is asleep and there is nothing to distract us. There are several things we can do to help us through: Count our blessings instead of sheep, write down ideas for solving the problem, read some Psalms, talk to God (or even yell at him ~ he can take it; he knows you’re human) about it out loud while the emotions are high. Which one appeals to you the most? If none, what will you do instead?

~The women headed for the cemetery with spices, even though Joseph and Nicodemus had put 75 pounds of spices on Jesus’ body three days earlier. But they were doing something and it helped them. Think of a tragedy that hit you, and something you tried to do just so you didn’t feel completely helpless. Perhaps, after doctors have done all they can, send flowers to someone who is sick. What other small things could you do when a big thing has already been done to help a situation?

~Despite some women’s opinion, Jesus valued women so highly he appeared to them first even before his apostles. (The Bible does not go into when he appeared to his mother, Mary). Do you think it may be women’s more natural propensity toward religion and religious activity that caused God to insist that men take more positions of responsibility in the church? Do you see a balance there?