~Did you ever get mad at God for not answering a request or protecting someone? Does it help to remember Satan is out there too? Does it help to remember God has laws of nature that cannot be broken (such as someone falling up)? Does it help to remember that every person has free will and is not a robot?

~Sometimes prayers are not answered in our lifetime. What are some of your prayers that could be answered even after you die?

~What elderly person in your life is rather quiet and never does anything important, but has remained faithful to a cause through popularity and non-popularity? In what ways is Christianity not popular today? What will help you remain faithful to the cause of Christ (if you are a Christian)?

~When things were at their worst in Anna’s life, she did not desert God. When, in the future, things may become unbearable for you, what will you do to keep hoping things will be better someday?