~Low-income people in prisons usually never learned to get along with people, therefore could not keep a job or a relationship. Write a note of encouragement to someone in prison for common theft and send it through a chaplain if you do not know of a prisoner by name. An alternative would be to encourage someone you know to turn their lives around who seems to be headed in the wrong direction. Will you do it?

~High-income people in prisons tend to justify their actions as for the greater good of either themselves or mankind. They are often also charmers. Write a note to someone in prison or someone who seems to be headed in the wrong direction, reminding them of the peace of mind that comes from ethical behavior, not from cars and boats and mansions.

~Think about your own life. If you have pretty much stayed out of trouble, you have pretty much succeeded in avoiding sins of commission (committing sins). But, wait. There are also sins of omission (omitting good that should be done). Now, how do your sins stack up? Thank Jesus right now for all he went through to save you, a sinner, from Satan.