~Imagine yourself as a private turned spy and now a prisoner of war. Now imagine your general, your commander-in-chief, breaking into the prison camp and telling the commandant that, if he will turn you loose, he will stay and take the punishment for you. How would you feel?

~Think of the worst thing you ever did. Now imagine Jesus doing it. That is what he had to do on the cross. He had to take responsibility for your sins as though he had done them instead of you. How will understanding this help you the next time you are tempted to do something wrong?

~Satan tries to undo everything God does. God creates, so Satan kills. We are born healthy, so Satan gives us diseases. We love everyone in early childhood, so Satan creates misunderstandings and selfishness to create hatred as we go through life. Relate this to mankind starting out sinless in the Garden of Eden, and God doing everything possible to make us sinless in his eyes through Jesus.