~It is popular today to say there is more than one truth, and that it is egotistical of any person or movement or religion to declare otherwise. If there is only one cure for a disease, is it egotistical to use the one cure? Jesus said “I am THE way, THE truth, THE life (John 14:6). People who say they can accept Jesus’ truth along with Buddha’s truth and Mohammed’s truth are really denying Jesus. The basic writings of each religion are available. Investigate each one for scientific, archaeological, and prophetic truths no human could have known when they were written to see if they are truly from God. Will you?

~Power often corrupts, even in religion where people usually start out very sincere. If you were a religious leader, how would you keep from using your power for your own ego? Are you sure?

~What is the difference in being just and justifying a deed that is not just? Think about a time you justified yourself so you could do something that you knew deep down was wrong. If faced with such a situation again, how will you handle it truthfully?