~Did you ever hear someone say, “If I go down, you go down with me”? Who would have continued with the cause of Jesus if Jesus had not diverted attention enough for his apostles to escape?

~People everywhere condemn Peter’s denial. But only he and John dared go into the hornet’s nest of the palace where Jesus was held. Even then, John apparently stayed in the shadows enough no one even saw him. Peter was extremely brave ~ more so than the other apostles. Do you know anyone who people will not let forget one mistake they made amidst many good things? Contact that person this week and tell them how you appreciate their good life.

~Have you ever said about someone, “I will never forgive him/her”? Yet, over and over, sometimes a hundred times we ask God to forgive us. Do you want God to forgive you in the same way you forgive others? Forgiveness is a holy act.