~When in your life have you felt looked down on by the religious majority around you? How did it make you feel? Have you ever looked down on others? How will you remedy that attitude so those people know you do not look down on them?

~People thought there would be peace on earth one could see when the God-Man came to be king. But it was a spiritual peace. In what way have you sought peace in your life when nothing around you was peaceful? How can you turn this expectation into an inner peace starting today?

~Just as the religious leaders of Jesus’ day did not correctly interpret the scriptures, or covered up what they knew, it happens today too. Take a popular belief today that doesn’t make sense to you and look up that term in the New Testament concordance so you can interpret the scriptures for yourself. (Full Bible-index concordances, the size of an unabridged dictionary are available at most libraries, and can be accessed on the internet.)