~Have you ever joined an organization, not because of their mission but because you liked the people and you liked the way they treated you? Compare this with the way people often choose their religion.

~Judas had his own ideas about how Jesus should handle things. Do you disagree with God on the way he seems to be handling things in your own life? Judas tried to change God’s plan, which means Jesus would not have ended up being our final sacrificial lamb. Think about a time you changed someone’s plans and later realized it was a bad decision.

~No matter how bad we mess up, God is willing to forgive. He does not want anyone to perish ~ go to hell (I Peter 3:9). This means he does not choose who will go to heaven and who will go to hell; we do by our actions and attitudes. We are not puppets, not robots. What have you done in your life that you know God would not approve of. Ask God to forgive you.