~It is hard to let others be at the “head table,” the “podium,” the “front office” where they receive the accolades when you are just as qualified as them. Jesus said in Matthew 5:5 that such people have their reward from people. Therefore, they will not be rewarded byGod. How will this help you the next time you feel passed over for commendation?

~Jesus became the waiter at his own dinner. Who do people love more ~ a leader who is always up front making speeches or mingles among the people to ask how they are? Are you leading anyone right now? Are you doing it to feel important or to help them?

~Jesus indicated to his apostles that he was the final Passover Lamb and that he wanted them to stop their old religious traditions taught to them by their parents and participated in by their friends. He wanted them to begin Christianity. In eternity, who is most important to please—Jesus or our family?