~Have you ever started something with a bang, then watched it later end with a hiss? How did you feel at the time? Try to think of some good that came from things moving that way.

~These people who declared their loyalty to Jesus one day turned against him three and a half days later, demanding his execution. Jesus knew they would. He forgave them because they did not understand what they were doing (Luke 23:34). Their understanding all along was shallow. They were just using him to advance their earthly kingdom. He had better things in mind for them ~ a heavenly kingdom. He continued to pursue that for them and continues even today to invite you into it (Revelation 22:12). Have you had people turn against you when they saw you wanted something better in the long-term? How can you forgive them the way Jesus did?

~Jesus did not stop their celebration, even though it was for the wrong thing because they needed the hope he brought. Have you ever put a damper on people celebrating for accomplishing something small? How could you have influenced them to direct their celebration to something just a little better?