~Think about a time and place where you felt everyone was against you. How did you try to compensate for it? How could knowing that God loves you, despite what people say, give you an edge over people who do not believe in God?

~Are you a thief? Figure up the number of photocopies you make in an average year at work and multiply that by a dime. Figure up the number of times you used company postage during the year and multiply that by the current postage rate. Figure up the number of items you took home with you because they would not be missed or because you did not think you were paid enough. Now add all this up. Do you still say you do not rob people? I Corinthians 6:10 says that thieves will not be accepted into the kingdom of God. What will you do about this?

~God gives everyone some talent, whether it be making money, making crafts, making friends, making inventions, etc. God has no hands or feet or mouth except ours. Think of some talent God has given you. How will you use it to show God’s love for mankind?