~There was a song written many years ago that begins, “I gave my life for thee, what hast thou given for me?”  Think of something specific that you complain about that is involved in being saved.  Compare that personal sacrifice with the excruciating death of Jesus.

~What is the most valuable thing you have?  What would you do if it was taken from you? During the U.S. Great Depression, rich people who lost everything when the stock market crashed were jumping out of skyscrapers and committing suicide in many other ways. Would you be any different from them? Why?

~Jesus did not tell the women who assisted him financially to sell everything they had (though we do not know whether they did), yet he told this rich ruler to.  Do you think mind-reading Jesus asked him to get rid of something that was leading him into temptation? What valuable thing do you have that leads you in the wrong direction away from true peace?