~The first man with the demon was at the synagogue worshipping. This tells us that Satan picks on the strong to give them problems. If you know someone who gets depressed sometimes, tell them how much you admire the strength they exercise to deal with and pull out of those periods.

~Using a concordance, find all the instances of demon possession in the Bible. During which period did it occur? During the period of Genesis (about 2000 years)? During the rest of the Old Testament of the Bible (another 2000 years)? During the life of Christ? During the period of the rest of the New Testament of the Bible? How does knowing this help decide whether there is demon possession today?

~Do you have a sin you are struggling with? A sin of action, a sin of omitting good, a sin of attitude? What will you do to try to overcome this “demon” within you? Set a time limit for accomplishing it so it is not something that is always in the distant “someday”.