~Think about a time you fretted and worried about a disaster before it happened. Did you survive after the disaster? Were you able to go on with your life? How?

~We tend to make fun of people who are failures. Think of someone you made fun of because they failed at something which you were afraid to even try. Relate that to people who go to church and at least try, even though they fail at being perfect. How will you treat these “hypocrites” with this perspective in mind?

~We were made in the image of God. We get discouraged and God does too. He became discouraged with the Israelites soon after he freed them from Egyptian slavery because they kept worshipping false (made-up, imagined) gods. Moses encouraged God. Remember, God made humans with free will. God will not force you to do anything ~ you decide what to do with your life. That sets him up for discouragement and sadness when you reject him. Pray to God and explain to him that you are honestly trying to understand him so that you can follow him.