~Many people blame God for their diseases. But it is not God that causes disease. It is Satan. Satan exists as much as God does. The possibility of evil is as apparent as the possibility of good does. Think of some bad thing in your life that you blamed God for. Now turn the blame where it belongs – to Satan. How does this make you feel?

~Having a disease does not necessarily mean someone has a demon in them. According to the Bible, demons did not possess people before Jesus came, and they only did until shortly after he left while his aides were still alive. It was as though Satan was reincarnating himself in people in a cheap imitation of God being in Jesus. Think of what other things today cause disabilities and illnesses that are of mankind’s own doing. God did not create robots; we all have free will. How does this help your opinion of God?

~Did you ever know someone who was debilitated by a disease, but later accomplished even greater things in spite of or even because of the disease? Apply this to Romans 8:28 in the Bible that says “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.” Contact someone with a disability and share this with them.