~There are a lot of claims of instantaneous healing today. But no one claims 100% success. Matthew 8:16 says that Jesus healed all of the sick that were brought to him, and he gave the power to his twelve aides to heal “every disease and sickness.” Jesus healed people who weren’t even in the same city with him and didn’t know he was healing them. Jesus returned people’s limbs that had been amputated (Matthew 15:30, where the word “maimed” is used), and brought people back to life. What do you think of healing ceremonies where the “healer” accuses those not healed of not having enough faith?

~Does God no longer care about our illnesses and handicaps? Not at all. We can pray to God any time for healing (James 5:14). But, like the Apostle Paul himself who asked for his handicap to be taken away but was refused (2nd Corinthians 12:7). God wants to make you strong. You cannot have victory unless you have something to be victorious about. Remember, it is Satan, not God, who causes bad to happen to us. Satan wants you to blame God and quit believing in God. God allows Satan to get by with it for the same reason running ten miles a day and lifting heavy weights makes you stronger. Perhaps in heaven, he will have special jobs for strong overcomers. What do you think?