~Greed and power are hard to control once they are in sight. Although Jesus had wealthy people helping to support him and his twelve aides as they traveled, once he began preaching he never owned a house or anything else other than his clothes (see Matthew 8:20). If you were in a country where Christianity was illegal, would you be willing to give up everything you owned by declaring you were a Christian? What material thing right now – large or small – will you give up to aid your search for Jesus?

~Jesus said when we give something away but tell it, we’ve got our reward from people’s praise. But if we do not tell it, we are rewarded by God (see Matthew 5:1 and 4). Think of something that you will give someone this week and never tell anyone about it.

~How does it make you feel to know that no one other than God will ever know your act of kindness? Think of other acts of kindness you have always done but never bothered to talk about because it was second nature to you. How will you make giving materially to others second nature to you also?