~Even as we tend to look down on people who are poorer than us, we tend to look down on people who are richer than us. Think of some better off than you financially that you have been jealous of or resented for some similar reason. How will you change your attitude toward them?

~Jesus never became the kind of king people thought he was going to be. They wanted him to have a literal crown and rule from a literal palace and temple. Hebrews 2:9 say Jesus is now crowned with glory and honor. He himself said his kingdom was within (Luke 17:21). Nor was he to be high priest in an earthly temple in Jerusalem as they expected (Hebrews 9:11-13). In what way do you see Christianity taking on the old Jewish view of Jesus’ kingdom?

~Matthew lived in Capernaum, the same city that Jesus moved to and performed many miracles. He had been able to see and hear Jesus several times before making his decision to walk away from his past. In your search for Jesus, where do you think you are? Are you just now hearing about him? Are you seeing life change in others for yourself? Or investigating him for yourself? Perhaps ready to make the decision to leave your former life and fully commit yourself to follow him?