~The original Greek of the Bible says Elizabeth “hid around” the first five months of her pregnancy. In a sense, Mary also hid the first three months of her pregnancy, visiting relatives in a province away from her home. Would it benefit you to get away from your usual friends and relatives for a while in order to re-evaluate your life? How could you do this even if you still had to go to work and see your family every day?

~Because Elizabeth and Mary quoted so many prophecies when they greeted each other, it shows they were already searching the scriptures for help with their lives and their country. Today we have the benefit of a full index to the Bible called a concordance, the size of an unabridged dictionary. We can look up any topic with a keyword and find out everything the Bible has to say about it. What is going on in your life that you’re confused about? Get a concordance from your library, or on the internet and use it to search the scriptures about your own life.

~Think of an older person in your life who took time to understand you and give you a little advice. How did they do it? What will you do to return the favor by doing or saying kind things to them, even though they are old?