~Each society has some group of people considered outcasts, even though it may remain unspoken, or even unacknowledged openly. A test for who we consider outcasts would be to ask ourselves, “Would I want them as my neighbors?”. Who are they? Plan some way you will come in contact with these “outcasts” to get to know them as individuals with the same life desires as you do? When will you carry out your plan?

~Share a time when you messed up quite badly but were given a second chance. How does this help understand what Jesus can do for you? 

~Everyone has a spirit thirst, even when they don’t realize it themselves. What kind of spirit thirst do you feel right now? Choose a main word that describes your spirit thirst. Locate a concordance, make a list of all scriptures with that word, look them all up, and write each one out like an essay.  How can they help you with this spirit thirst?