~The Bible says everyone in the kingdom of God is a priest (Revelation 1:6). If Jesus is our king, we are in his kingdom. Think about things priests and preachers do. Which of those things will you start doing yourself?

~Everyone is part of a group they do not 100% approve of. It may be a company, a club, a neighborhood, a city, a country. Name something within one of these groups that you do not approve of. What first step will you take to make your sentiments known?

~John 3:16 says God loves the whole world and does not want anyone to go to hell. He even materialized as a human to demonstrate and explain how. Does this fit your former idea of what God is like? Would you be able to enter a world of, for example, ants (you are God compared to them), to save them? If you are this important to God, how will you make God more important to you?